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I recommend a sympathethic account, The Spanish Anarchists: The Heroic Years
by Moorray Boochkin. Gerald Brenan's The Spanish Labyrith is also useful for
explaining why Anarchism took a hold in Spain, and what it had in commmon
ewith far-right movements such as Carlism.
Comradely, Julio Cesar
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>I am involved in a weekly Marxist study group in NYC.  Next week is the
>Spanish Civil War and specifically the differences - tactics, structures,
>analysis... - between Communist, Trotskyist and Anarchist positions in the
>war.  I have more than enough material on the CP, Trot and POUM, but I
>lack a good presentation of Anarchist thought.  Anyone have ideas?  A
>document which could be considered "representative" of their position?
>Obviously, I am not well versed in the Spanish Civ and could use some
>assistance.  Suggestions???
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