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Thu Aug 24 21:02:06 MDT 2000

Dear Julio!

I'm not personally up on my Spanish Civil War history, and know next to
nothing about the various strategies and tactics of the different parties and
groups (so much conflicting propaganda).  But in case you haven't had a look
yet there is a good website for the Abraham Lincoln Brigade (which actually
deals with and has links to several Spanish Civil War sites) at:


I believe there is or was at one time an Andrew H. Lee there who was
particularly interested in the Anarchists.  He ran their listserv.  I don't
know if it still is extant but you might try that for if they are they have
pretty good connections, I think.

One largely irrelevant piece of trivia: Khalid Bakdash, the General Secretary
of the Syrian Communist Party from 1937-1995!, who was in his 20s at the time
was sent by the Comintern to Spanish Morocco to do propaganda among the
Moroccans urging them not to participate in the Falangist effort.  I don't
think he had much success, but I imagine it must have been an "exciting"
mission for him.

Hope the Alba site helps!

Revolutionary greetings!

Abu Nasr

jpino <jpino at kent.edu> wrote:
I recommend a sympathethic account, The Spanish Anarchists: The Heroic Years
by Moorray Boochkin. Gerald Brenan's The Spanish Labyrith is also useful for
explaining why Anarchism took a hold in Spain, and what it had in commmon
ewith far-right movements such as Carlism.
Comradely, Julio Cesar
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>I am involved in a weekly Marxist study group in NYC.  Next week is the
>Spanish Civil War and specifically the differences - tactics, structures,
>analysis... - between Communist, Trotskyist and Anarchist positions in the
>war.  I have more than enough material on the CP, Trot and POUM, but I
>lack a good presentation of Anarchist thought.  Anyone have ideas?  A
>document which could be considered "representative" of their position?
>Obviously, I am not well versed in the Spanish Civ and could use some
>assistance.  Suggestions???
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