[Re: Jihad and Revolution in Chechnya]

Riad Koubaisi hamman at SPAMinco.com.lb
Thu Aug 24 23:26:39 MDT 2000

 Hi comrades
       Comrade sev i dont know if i understood you well, but i think
that i meant that sufi has do nothing with the[al islam alsyasy] the
political islam which you called it islamism , you not denying that
sufis are islam but you  refusing to compare them with taliban for
example, since taliban have to do a lot with political islam.
      i will assume that my understood is right and i will comment, and
i am sorry if i am wrong.
  sev  it could be right that those sufi in chechenya has to do nothing
with political islam or at least that one practiced by taliban and other
fundamentalist, but i am sure that its not logical to say that those
sufi are not practicing politics, i mean that those"ideological
mercenaries" of Afghan Mujahideen would have not came to chechnya to
fight if circumstance was not suitable and i think that the sufi have
known how to make situation so suitable. moreover i will never support
them even if they destroyed by the sufi practice all the imperialist
force whether they are islam or islamism.because i do believe that all
the fudamentalist islam in the world are a direct result of Gazali
teachings, and gazali is the muslim sufi imam. i ask you just to wonder
the islam without gazali instruction . Gazali is sufi but all
fundamentalist follow his instruction.
      by the way sevaq i wish you write to the comrade what some comrade
did to hariry in AUB.
                 Hasta Siempre
                                   MY OPENION IS RIGHT BUT IT MAY BE

                                  THE OTHERS OPENION IS WRONG BUT IT MAY


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