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Thu Aug 24 15:47:19 MDT 2000

Hi Lou!

Please post this.

Looking for help with Vol. 3 of Capital and research

I'm looking for some help.

I am working on a little piece about the primitive
accumulation of capital, which I will post here when
it is ready.

However, I keep running into various problems related
to the theory of value and Marx's theory of ground

Can someone explain this things to me in a clear and
succint way? Or even in an obscure and lenghthy

In particular I can not find a discussion by Marx of
the price of land. Does anyone know where Marx
addreses this issue. Please refer me to Marx' work on
the subject - preferably someting I can find on the

This issue is important to me, because as far as I can
tell from my first reading of the section on ground
rent in Vol. 3 of Capital, Marx implies that the price
of land is determined by differential rent, i.e. that
it is not a commodity in the sense of being a product
of social labor with an exchange value determined by
the socially necessary labor required to produce it.

If my interpretation is correct, this complicates the
law of value in several different directions.

Help me if you can ....


Louis Proyect
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