S-11 stands by the Voice

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Fri Aug 25 07:27:51 MDT 2000

The propaganda battle over the S11 (September 11) movement has begun:

The article below is from News Corps Australian site (http://news.com.au).

S-11 stands by the Voice

10.45am (AEST) JOHN Farnham's management today acknowledged it would be
next to impossible to force protest group S-11 to remove the singer's best
known song, You're The Voice, from its website.

The group is planning protests outside next month's World Economic Forum of
corporate and political leaders in Melbourne from September 11 to 13.

It ignored demands from Farnham's record company, BMG, to remove a picture
of the singer and the song link from its website by 5pm yesterday.

An S-11 spokesman told ABC radio today the song, You're the Voice, was the
perfect protest anthem because it was about empowering the individual, and
he hoped adopting it had not upset the singer.

"I really feel it's John Farnham's lawyers because John Farnham is out of
the country and I reckon he doesn't know what's going on - I don't think
he'd give a toss about it, he'd probably be proud of it," the spokesman

"We actually told his lawyers that if John asks us to take it down, we'll
take it down."

He said the group had not acted illegally as the song was not hosted on its
server, but on a fan website, and only had a web link that directed
visitors to the song on the fan website.

But S-11 had taken pains to make sure it could not be tracked down,
registering the website under the name of News Ltd chief executive Lachlan
Murdoch, care of The Age newspaper in Melbourne's Spencer St.

In a statement yesterday, S-11 spokesman David Glanz said the group had
chosen to sing the song outside the WEF out of a sense of irony in order to
"undermine the symbols of mainstream society".

"John Farnham has got a voice and ordinary people need to find a voice and
sing out about injustice," he said.

He said the group was protesting about the effects of globalisation, the
environment and economic rationalism.

"In these circumstances, John Farnham getting his nose out of joint is a
very small issue indeed," Mr Glanz said.

Today, Farnham's manager Glen Wheatley said he had not expected the group
to comply.

"We've asked them to cease and desist but we know that's like hitting them
over the face with a feather," he told Channel 9's Today show.

"What are we going to do? Who are we going to sue? I mean these people are
an organisation with no names and no address.

"The point of the issue is we're trying to disassociate ourselves with
their tactics and their association."

Mr Wheatley said the Farnham camp did not want to be associated in any way
with the protests expected outside the WEF.

"One (S-11 organiser) said Johnny should get a sense of humour about this.
I'm sorry, but I don't see anything funny or humorous about what these
people did in the streets of Seattle not so long ago," Mr Wheatley said.

"We oppose all of that. We just want to distance ourselves.

"They're out of control. We've all seen the footage of what happened in
Seattle - that was disgraceful, that was absolutely deplorable.

"What I don't want is for them to be chanting You're the Voice and having
some association and people misconstruing that and thinking that actually
John Farnham supports their actions because he certainly doesn't support
what they do."

Mr Wheatley said he had given the correspondence to the police as a
"preventative" measure in hope the protests would not turn violent like
similar protests at the World Trade Organisation meeting in Seattle last

"I just hope that nothing happens. I don't want to see anarchy in the
streets of Melbourne. I don't want to see a recurrence of Seattle," he

"But I have reason to believe they are out there in the streets recruiting
support now from schools and that is concerning."

But Mr Wheatley said the group had used Farnham's image and music as a
publicity stunt.

"John's profile is high at the moment, being there with the number one

"I think that's all part of a calculated plan, and I must say that these
people, so far, have been very successful in getting this country's eyes
and ears wide open because they've had national publicity."

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