US-Zionist spying on Canada?!

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Fri Aug 25 17:45:16 MDT 2000

Canada said probing possible spying by U.S., Israel

Updated 11:54 AM ET August 25, 2000
OTTAWA (Reuters) - Canadian police are investigating whether U.S. and Israeli
spies used rigged computer software to hack into Canada's top secret
intelligence files, the Toronto Star newspaper said Friday.
The paper said the probe revolved around Promis, a software program first
developed to assist prosecutors in the United States Department of Justice
which was the centre of a U.S. scandal a decade ago.

The Star said police were probing whether the software -- used by the Mounties
and Canada's spy service to co-ordinate secret investigations -- had been
rigged with a so-called "trap door" allowing unauthorized access to sensitive

"That could include economic intelligence on trading partners, detailed
information on the whereabouts of terrorism suspects in Canada or strategic
information on the positions Canada intends to take in international
relations," it said.

The Mounties did not return calls seeking comment on the allegations and no
one was immediately available at the Israeli or U.S. embassies.

Promis was developed by U.S. company Inslaw Inc., which alleged in the late
1980s that the U.S. government had stolen their software and -- working with
Israel -- pedaled pirated versions to intelligence agencies around the world.
The case was eventually thrown out of court.

The Toronto Star said the Mounties had interviewed a number of people linked
to the Promis affair to see whether there might have been a breach in Canadian
national security.

Canada's national counterintelligence agency said in a June report that
friendly nations were making concerted efforts to steal sensitive technology
and information.

The Canadian Security Intelligence Service said outsiders were particularly
interested in aerospace, biotechnology, chemicals, communications, information
technology, mining and metallurgy, nuclear energy, oil and gas, and the


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