Self Determination- Support It!

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> National self determination requests some basic prerrequisites, among
> others a unity not based on ethnicity, and a mass of population large
> enough to support a modern economy, which the splintered Indonesia
> would not have. East Timor certainly does not have them. National and
> ethnic claims are not the same tning. Actually, they are the opposite
> of each other.


    This is purely and strictly a BOURGEOIS position on the national
question. It has been, of course, the position of the traitor bourgeoisie
(la burguesía vendepatria) in places like Cuba, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico,
Panama ... we are too weak and little to go it alone without Uncle Sam.

    The question is NOT what is a "viable" nation that can undertake an
independent economic development. For that, that I can think of, about 6 or
8 countries qualify: the US, the USSR,China, Brazil, India and perhaps Japan
and Mexico. That based not just on a "mass  of population" but natural
resources also.

    But the point of the support to the struggle of nationally oppressed
people has got nothing to do with whether a particular place is viable
economically or otherwise. It is POLITICAL. The working class cannot achieve
political independence, become a class-for-itself, until and unless it
breaks decisively with its "own" imperialism/colonialism. And the fact that
a country is itself in a semi-colonial status does not mean that this
resolves the national question within that country AT ALL.

> The destiny of the East Timorese is thus IMHO linked with common
> struggle with Indonesians (even with Indonesian Javenese nationalists
> if need be) against imperialist "protection". This is like when you
> get Maffia protection from your own neighbors.

What "common struggle" with "Javenese Nationalists"? They were the very
people occupying East Timor on behalf of imperialism! It seems for you, the
history of this issue starts last September. You forget the quarter-century
that preceded it.


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