Self Determination- Support It!

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Sat Aug 26 08:01:23 MDT 2000

>For the final word, I support the right of Albanian Kosovars,  Miskitus
>in Nicaragua, and Aceh and East Timorese in Indonesia to be free of
>oppression inside their regions.     I just don't support the US or
>Australian capitalist armies in being the method that 'national
>liberation' is achieved.     Is that hard for you to understand?
>Tony Abdo

But you've given implicit support for the right of Russia to retain
Chechnya, haven't you? As I've pointed out to you, Clinton and Blair have
not only given political support to the war against the secessionists but
have sent over their cops to help track down Chechen 'terrorists'.

Furthermore, this isn't a very useful methodology when it comes to
intra-imperialist rivalry, as opposed to the 'new world order' of today.
During WWII Irish, Indian, Arab and East Asian liberation movements were
often accused of being pro-Nazi or pro-Japan because their needs clashed
with the allies. And so what if the IRA received arms from the Nazis? Would
that make their cause less worthy?

Basically, Tony is worried about 'Balkanization'. This phenomenon in itself
is of no great interest to Marxists. Our criterion is whether a particular
struggle for self-determination advances the class struggle. Period.

Louis Proyect
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