Muslim Women and Jihad

Julio Pino jpino at
Sat Aug 26 08:20:39 MDT 2000

Comrades: this article about a Muslim woman in Kashmir fighting both Hindu
chauvinism and male supremacy while sticking by her religion is a perfect
example of how identity politics can fuel an insurgency against globalization.

Behind the Veil, a Muslim Feminist
New York Times
August 26, 2000

          By BARRY BEARAK

              SRINAGAR, Kashmir -- Asiyah
               Andrabi, conservative Muslim and
          radical feminist, believes that women should
          be heard and not seen, so she makes her
          demands for equal rights from behind the
          black cloth curtain of an all-enveloping

          "The veil is for security as Allah wishes it,"
          she said, pausing to refresh her hidden
          mouth with sips of Coca-Cola. "If gold is
          left uncovered along a roadside, anyone will
          grab it, because it is a precious thing. It is
          the same with an uncovered woman."

          There are other reasons for Ms. Andrabi to
          conceal her face. She is a militant who
          opposes Indian rule here.
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