Self Determination- Support It!

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Sat Aug 26 13:54:13 MDT 2000

>Yes, Lou, Putin and Clinton are allies, and  Clinton is the enemy of
>Chechnya.      But the reverse is also true.      Clinton and Putin are
>at odds with each other, and Clinton is the friend of the Chechen

Glad we established that. Now a word from our sponsor.

>Furtermore, this equation is much more complicated than even this.
>There are multituds of national struggles going on in the fSU.      Who
>is allied with who is a very complex affair.


>My position is simply, that marxists in the US and Britain, as well as
>Germany and France should  confine themselves to supporting a regional
>self-determination that precludes intervention and involvement from the
>imperialist countries.     Is that to be seen as giving support to


>While we are talking Chechnya, it might be much better if we were to be
>promoting the demonstrations to protest Clinton's visit to Colombia this

Translation: down with the Chechens.

Louis Proyect
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