The Chechen Rebellion- Support It!

Owen Jones owen_jones at
Sat Aug 26 15:55:03 MDT 2000

Reply to Julio Pino, at jpino at, who wrote on the 26/8/2000 21:16:

> As for what I'd like to see happen to the Russian army in Chechnya:

 Comrade, these people are workers in uniform. I militarily defend the right
of Chechen national self-determination, but do not advocate the death of
every Russian soldier. We should support and fight for rank-and-file
soldiers turning the guns on their officers and the ruling class of Russia.
We are probably not going to attract them to this if we advocate their
physical liquidation.

 But those who murdered Chechnya and are suffocating the Russian working
class will, we can hope, one day face firing squads, whether their left
covers like it or not.


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