The Chechen Rebellion- Support It!

Tony Abdo aabdo at
Sat Aug 26 16:26:24 MDT 2000

Julio Pino asks the following-
<You think The USA, UK, et al imperialist powers want to see a string of
Islamic Republics from the Caucasuses to the Chinese border?>

No.    No more than they want to see a Russia intact in its present
form.     This is no more different than how these same imperialist
powers used Iran and Iraq against each other to try to destroy the power
of both countries.

Rushing in with racist venom (supposedly to oppose the racism from the
Russians) is not a socialist position.     And racist venom is exactly
what references to 'the Russan Pig army' is.

One might add that this same process occurred in The Balkans, where some
super supporters of the nationalism of the Albanian Kosovars began to
take almost a racial line against Serbs.      I argued on the Chomsky
list for months with a Seattle resident that wanted to racially bait a
Serb poster on that list.     He was so concerned with Serb oppression
of Albanians within Yugoslav borders, from his post in the Pacific
Northwest.     Now, he's out pushing for Al Gore.

And now you, Julio, have decided to convert to Islam to struggle against


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