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> > National self determination requests some basic prerrequisites,
> > among others a unity not based on ethnicity, and a mass of
> > population large enough to support a modern economy, which the
> > splintered Indonesia would not have. East Timor certainly does not
> > have them. National and ethnic claims are not the same tning.
> > Actually, they are the opposite of each other.
> Nestor,
>     This is purely and strictly a BOURGEOIS position on the national
> question.

No, it is not. But I am drafting a series of postings on the national
question which will take some days, so that please give me the time
to answer to you fully. Of course I do defend the rights of
nationalities. I would never say "fuck the Miskitos", or, for that
matter "the East Timorese".  I only say "fuck imperialists". What I
try to point out is that a nationality and a nation, ethimological
matters aside, are quite different things. And I understand that I
must expand on this.

Nation construction around "nationalities", on the other hand, is the
specific bourgeois idea. Remember President Wilson's plan for Europe
after World War I. This principle involves both political and
theoretical flaws which make it, in practice, quite reactionary.

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