Self Determination- Support It!

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> Self-Determination For The Colombian People!      US Out of South
> America!

We should also add "US Out of North America", as some extraordinarily
witty list member said once. The imperialist character of the USA is
a constitutive part of the American nation, the USA is an imperialist
nation and cannot exist as a nation without being imperialist. Of
course, I am not saying here that it is a constitutive part of the
American _people_. When I say _nation_ I am speaking of something
completely different, I am speaking of the actual concrete
configuration of the bourgeois rule over the US social formation.

So that, in a sense, "US out, workers to power!""would be appropiate.

This said, I am convinced that the declarations by Pickering in the
sense that the US is not thinking of establishing a new Viet Nam in
Colombia are the clearest demonstration that they will finally get
involved in a giant Viet Nam. Will Colombia, the home of the arch-
traitor Santander, be the grave for US imperialism?  What would have
happened if Viet Nam had bordered India?

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