When Pigs Fry

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>At 05:20 PM 8/26/00 -0500, you wrote:
>A worker who puts on an army or police uniform is a pig,..

That's not a Leninist position.  The police are different from the army, for
one thing.  The police are a racist force by career choice.  The army is
mostly made up of legal or economic draftees.  In any case, the Leninist
strategy is to subvert and recruit the soldiers, not merely to kill as many
as possible.

>If the Russian soldiers in Chechnya don't want to get killed they
>can always desert, or better yet kill their officers and give their guns to
>the Mujahadden.

Or for that matter kill their officers and organize soldiers' soviets.  This
would be excellent.  The way Lenin helped to bring about such results was to
write leaflets beginning "Brother Cossacks!"

>During the Viet Nam War "Victory to the NLF" meant kill as many GIs as you
>possibly can.

IN FACT, the NLF was very sophisticated about trying to reach out to U.S.
soldiers.  Yes, they killed a lot, as they had a perfect right to do.  But
they also repeatedly made the point that "our war is with your government,
not with you, we want you to go home and live," etc.  For us, "Victory to
the NLF" meant organizing within the U.S. military.

However, the NLF were communists and understood such things.  Naturally most
national movements will not demonstrate such insight, and the
self-determination position of workers in the oppressor country isn't
dependent on it...

Lou Paulsen

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