When Pigs Fry

Ben Seattle Left-Transparency at SPAMLeninism.org
Sun Aug 27 13:58:51 MDT 2000

Lou Paulsen:
> IN FACT, the NLF was very sophisticated about
> trying to reach out to U.S. soldiers.  Yes, they killed
> a lot, as they had a perfect right to do.  But they also
> repeatedly made the point that "our war is with your
> government, not with you, we want you to go home
> and live," etc.  For us, "Victory to the NLF" meant
> organizing within the U.S. military.

The political movement within society had a big impact on the
consciousness of soldiers.  I heard a radio program say that
there were at least 300 confirmed fraggings in Vietnam and three
to four times as many "highly suspicious" cases.

There is a song I remember hearing.  It is kind of a blues song
and the part I remember goes like this:

   Every time he said "gook" I heard the word "nigger"
   Every kid that he shot down my anger just grew bigger
   Every village that he torched I saw the burning cross
   Every bullet in his path--you know it's not my loss

Ben Seattle
----//-// 27.Aug.2000

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