Joel Kovel response to threats to contact my employer

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Sun Aug 27 16:37:30 MDT 2000

I'm sorry that I neglected to mention who Kovel is. Sometimes I forget that
nearly half this list lives outside the United States. Joel Kovel is a
professor at Bard College who has written a number of books on psychiatric
theory including one that explains the witch-hunt partly as a mental
illness. In the past 10 years or so, he has helped to define ecosocialist
politics in many different journals, most frequently in "Capitalism, Nature
and Socialism". He is a member of the Green Party in upstate NY and ran for
Senator in the last election.

At 04:30 PM 8/27/00 -0400, you wrote:
>I don't know Kaufman, but know Louis for a long time as a friend and a
>and dedicated radical. All I can say, in ignorance of the details of the
>relationship, is that this kind of internet madness should not be tolerated.
>I'm sure the Nader campaign has no interest in keeping this con.flict going.
>They do have an interest in putting an end to it, for everyone's sake--i.e.,
>this should not be allowed to get swept under the rug.
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