David McReynolds responds to appeal

Norman Mikalac mikalac at SPAMworldnet.att.net
Sun Aug 27 21:07:05 MDT 2000

yes, i would like to know the complete story about this affair and also
what louis posted on the Columbia web site that exercised the school so
much.  tough for me to know what went on.


Louis Proyect wrote:
> (McReynolds is the Socialist Party candidate for President)
> Louis Proyect is a respected and principled figure on the left - at least in
> my own experience. I am in the dubious position that in his final careful
> (and I thought generally fair) look at the Nader campaign, he came out for my
> own candidacy.
> But I KNOW that the Greens as a whole would not approve of this or any other
> effort to silence views they don't agree with, even if this meant the views
> of someone who, after a generally favorable look at the Greens and Nader,
> decided not to support him.
> Those getting this who want the original posts on Nader can probably get them
> from Louis - they were weeks ago.
> Sincerely,
> David McReynolds
> www.votesocialist.org
> Louis Proyect
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