An appeal

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Sun Aug 27 07:28:36 MDT 2000

In the past couple of months I have run into a problem involving my right
to post my views on an Internet newsgroup called

In July a volunteer with the Nader campaign in NYC taking exception to
things I had written about Nader, Cuba and other topics wrote Columbia
University complaining about my "abuse" of him using Columbia resources. I
generally post from but sometimes slip up and post from This led to a warning letter in my personnel file.

Now he continues to threaten me. When I was on vacation last week posting
from, he took note of the times of my postings and threatened to
contact my employer once again. I have already spoken to an attorney about
how to defend myself but I believe a little political pressure is called for.

I would ask that people write to Masada Disenhouse, the Nader volunteer
coordinator in NYC, and demand that she use her influence to end these
threats. Her email address is: masada at

Louis Proyect
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