When Pigs Fry

Owen Jones owen_jones at SPAMcwcom.net
Mon Aug 28 08:53:25 MDT 2000

Reply to Julio Pino, at jpino at kent.edu, who wrote on the 27/8/2000 17:44:

> In answer to Owen's post, how do you support militarily the right of the
> Chechens to self-determination without killing Russian soldiers right now?
> During the Viet Nam War "Victory to the NLF" meant kill as many GIs as you
> possibly can. The Chechens cannot wait for the firing squads after the
> Revolution.


 This is hardly worthy coming from a member of the working class movement.
As has been pointed out be me and other comrades, a rank-and-file soldier is
a worker in uniform. Not only that, but those sent to Chechnya are
conscripted. Russian workers do not want to die a painful death in Chechnya;
I know that, because I have talked to and heard from representatives of the
workers' movement there. Indeed, it is estimated that 75% dodge the draft in
Russia. In Chechnya itself, thousands have deserted.

 There are lumpen-proletarian elements within the Russian Army - perhaps
more than most armies, because the restoration of capitalism in the East has
had the result of dramatically increasing such elements, as people were
effectively thrown on the social scrap heap. Many of these, who often are
permanently drunk to escape from the sheer misery of life, commit atrocities
against the workers and peasants of Chechnya, from rape to massacre. I have
heard many times on the news drunken soldiers massacring children when drunk
- these people are guaranteed to be lumpens who have only two escapes from
life, the bottle and suicide.

 Often these lumpens are organised into extra-military militia - the most
reactionary movements sweep the lumpens from the floor to use, as you know.
In Yugoslavia, which suffered a much worst disaster with the restoration of
capitalism, it was not the regular armies that committed the major
atrocities - this was the work of the regular militia, who were lead by
gangsters who returned from Holland and Germany when Stalinism collapsed.
These lumpen scum committed the most sickening atrocities, from kicking to
death pregnant Muslim women to burning down houses with people still inside.

 What we must do is appeal to the Russian workers of the army, to turn their
guns from the Chechen masses and on to their own officers. Comrade, if we
managed to win over the Russian worker-soldiers, then the Chechen war would
end immediately. They have been forced in to this war and all of them want



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