When the ruling classes commmit suicide, pigs will fly

Julio Pino jpino at SPAMkent.edu
Mon Aug 28 11:49:10 MDT 2000

 Russian workers do not want to die a painful death in Chechnya;
>I know that, because I have talked to and heard from representatives of the
>workers' movement there. Indeed, it is estimated that 75% dodge the draft in
>Russia. In Chechnya itself, thousands have deserted.
JC: Allah be praised!I hope they all walk (or limp) back home. I also hope
the Zionists agree to leave by boat Palestine and go back to Europe, The
Hindus pull out all their troops of Kashmir, and the savage Buddhists of
Sri Lanka strive for Nirvana rather than massacre the Tamils.But i ain't
holding my breath, comrade.
> What we must do is appeal to the Russian workers of the army, to turn their
>guns from the Chechen masses and on to their own officers. Comrade, if we
>managed to win over the Russian worker-soldiers, then the Chechen war would
>end immediately.
>JC: Owen, on this we are in complete agrement. How long do you think it
will be before it happens?

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