Fredy Pearlman's Intro to Rubin Re: Another forwar

Carrol Cox cbcox at
Mon Aug 28 13:43:53 MDT 2000

Which issue of S&S was the critique in? I would like to read it. As I think I
alreay mentioned, I was less happy with Pearlman on a recent rereading, but
I'm still reasonably certain it would be a good essay for anyone beginning a
study of Marx to read. The group that published the work was a Detroit
anarchist grouping.

Incidentally, I believe he spells his first name Fredy not Freddy. :-)


michael at wrote:

> Jacob Morris wrote a powerful critique of Pearlman in Science and Society.
> I know however that Pearlman had a very positive influence since many
> people, upon hearing and not reading my name, thanked me for my very
> positive contribution -- meaning that they thought that I was Freddy.
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