RW Death Squad Leader Top Trafficker

Chris Brady chris_brady at
Tue Aug 29 09:23:45 MDT 2000

An interview by National Public Radio with a reporter re. the right wing
death squads' recent atrocities mentioned in passing that "everyone
knows" who and where the right-wing paramilitaries are --except the
police... [!]  also, there is a strong connection between the death
squads (a.k.a.: right-wing paramilitaries) and big coke money.  This
report asserted that the major death squads, including the AUC, were
initially financed by Colombian Drug Kings Escobar and Gacha.  The
report also states that the Drug Enforcement Agency called AUC's leader
Carlos Castan(y)o [I don't have an enyay key here]:
"perhaps the biggest drug trafficker in Colombia."
Nevertheless, all military and high financial attention focuses on the
leftist "narco-guerrillas."

To hear the report, first go to:

Then on that page see:
"Colombian Massacres (14.4 | 28.8) -- Host Renee Montagne talks to
reporter Steven Dudley in Bogota about the latest surge in violence in
Colombia. Over the week-end, suspected members of Colombia's right-wing
paramilitary forces killed at least 17 people in two separate
massacres.  (4:16)"

You will need player software, and speakers or headphones, but the above
inside the quotation marks are directly quoted from reporter Steven
Dudley in Bogota.

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