Norman Mikalac mikalac at SPAMworldnet.att.net
Tue Aug 29 12:02:44 MDT 2000

yes, thank you; i'm also enjoying Mandel, ag, and rent although much is
over my head at this time.

just have to keep reading, i guess.


Louis Proyect wrote:
> Hi Lou.
> Would you please post the following.
> Thank you for the long excerpt from Mandel on
> agriculture, and rent.
> I guess Mandel faithfully reproduces Marx's thoughts
> on the price of land - capitalized future rent.
> However, I would like to find more discussion of the
> question, especially from earlier sources, which I do
> not have available.
> Can anyone refer me to other Marxist writers on the
> issue of the price of land? I am especially interested
> in anything Engels, Luxumbourg or preWWI German
> Marxists may have writter on the subject. Also
> Prebeozhensky.
> Anthony
> Louis Proyect
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