Did Lincoln free the slaves? (yes and no)

Carrol Cox cbcox at SPAMilstu.edu
Tue Aug 29 16:40:35 MDT 2000

Norman Mikalac wrote:

> therefore, on 1/1/63, Lincoln's Proclmation freed the slaves in the
> rebellious states.
> on 12/6/65, the XIIIth amendment freed all slaves from all the states.

I hereby declare that Mumia is free!

Lincoln's word had as much effect in the rebellious states as my word does in
Pennsylvania. In fact it could be regarded as a bribe offer: Come home, and you can
have your slaves back!

The argument is of course more complex than this, but it also much more complex
than equating the Emancipaiton Proclamation with any simple freeing of *any* slaves


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