Wallace and Nader query

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Tue Aug 29 19:14:12 MDT 2000

 To my mind the campaigns of Ralph Nader this year and Henry Wallace in 1948 are
roughly analogous for the left although, of course, Nader's campaign is much weaker
than Wallace's.

AFAIK Wallace did not run on a labor platform but his candidicy did hold the promise
of a break from two party politics.

I know the attitude of the CPUSA was very much pro-Wallace and that that party had a
strong influence on hte Progressive Party Wallace tried to form. I suppose this was,
for the CPUSA, an extension of their pro-New Deal policies.

What was the attitude of the Trotskyist movement and the labor movement towards
Wallace however? I believe the SWP ran Farrell Dobbs for President that year implying
that they didn't support Wallace. What was their rationale for opposing Wallace if in
fact that was their position?



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