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Tue Aug 29 19:34:19 MDT 2000

>What was the attitude of the Trotskyist movement and the labor movement
>Wallace however? I believe the SWP ran Farrell Dobbs for President that
year implying
>that they didn't support Wallace. What was their rationale for opposing
Wallace if in
>fact that was their position?

I guess that Sol will have something to say about this, but I can report
what I heard from the floor at one of the last public appearances of Frank
Lovell, veteran American Trotskyist, before his death about 3 or so years
ago. An working class old-timer, who identified himself as a Trotskyist who
had gone with the Cochranites, said that when he stood outside the big
rally for Wallace in Philadelphia in 1948 and tried to sell the Militant to
the thousands of workers pouring into the arena, he felt left out. If you
read "Crisis in the Party", the Cochranite answer to Cannon on Sol's
website, you will see references to differences over the American Labor
Party which was similar in respects to the Progressive Party.  The
Cannonites were purists. Anything tainted with the Stalinist demons had to
be shunned like unkosher food. In reality all of these imperfect attempts
to break with the two-party system have to be encouraged. The first time
they begin to become successful, a lot of other political questions will be
posed. That is why I agreed with Sol's arguments in "Why I am voting for
Nader" even though I am voting for McReynolds myself, an old friend.

Louis Proyect
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