When the ruling classes commmit suicide, pigs will fly

Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at SPAMtao.ca
Wed Aug 30 03:54:16 MDT 2000

What about Tibetans living under the yoke of those dreaded athiests in
China? Shall they limp as well? Why (or why not)?


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From: "Julio Pino" <jpino at kent.edu>
> JC: Allah be praised!I hope they all walk (or limp) back home. I also hope
> the Zionists agree to leave by boat Palestine and go back to Europe, The
> Hindus pull out all their troops of Kashmir, and the savage Buddhists of
> Sri Lanka strive for Nirvana rather than massacre the Tamils.But i ain't
> holding my breath, comrade.
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