Wallace and Nader query

Kevin Lindemann and Cathy Campo kklcac at SPAMearthlink.net
Wed Aug 30 06:02:34 MDT 2000

Xxxx wrote:

>What was the attitude of the Trotskyist movement... towards
>Wallace?....I believe the SWP ran Farrell Dobbs for President
>that year implying that they didn't support Wallace. What was their >rationale for
>opposing Wallace if in
>fact that was their position?

In his book *Gideon's Army*, Curtis D. MacDougall quotes Farrell Dobbs
declaring that the Progressive Party was controlled by "a millionaire
capitalist politician and not by the democratic vote of the rank and
file through their organizations and unions....The party of Henry
Wallace does not and cannot provide leadership for American workers and
independence from the parties of big business because it too is a
capitalist party--the same old corruption disguised by brave words and
radical promises."

--Kevin Lindemann

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