When the ruling classes commmit suicide, pigs will fly

Julio Pino jpino at SPAMkent.edu
Wed Aug 30 16:27:04 MDT 2000

> Julio, have I missed something or have you converted to Islam?
 JC: Yes, it happened while you were away.

>a devout Muslim peasant in Southern Lebanon who covers his walls with
>pictures of Marx and Lenin has deeply confused consciousness."

JC: Actually, I'm a Cuban-American Marxist academic who covers his walls
with pictures of the Ayatollah Khomeini and Sheik Yassin, founder and
spiritual leader of HAMAS

> My position is always for the death of the extreme reactionary so-called
>"Islamic States", and for the working class to bury the ruling class of
>countries such as Iran which effectively enslave them. To support their
>construction is to set yourself against the working class, from whom support
>has never been drawn - it has always been from the petty-bourgeoisie. And
>indeed it seems the Iranian workers are beginning to stir again, so
>hopefully they will "bomb the clerics and bourgeoisie out of Iran"....

JC: My position is "2,3 many Irans." Iranian workers aren't stirring again.
Its the pro-Western reformer Khatami who is rattling, and who has guiled
many a Marxist into thinking he's pro-worker.

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