Julio Pino jpino at
Wed Aug 30 18:33:21 MDT 2000

Name me a revolution that hasn't caused human suffering.
The Chechens are waging a revolution right now, and I've heard, correct me
if I'm wrong, that torture and murder of Mujahidin POWs and civilians by
the Russian army is not uncommon. When you denounce the genocide in
Chechnya, I'll gladly discuss the miscarriages of justice in Iran post-1979.
Or, we'll agree on this: you defend your perceived victims and I'll defend
Julio Cesar
>Then please explain away the murders of the leftists that were involved in
>the Iranian Revolution, including family members of friends from town here.
>These people are not sectarian T's or S's, but people who had to flee the
>"liberation" for their lives and watched the torture of their loved ones,
>including death. Please don't stone me for this, I have seen too many
>stonings of the friends of friends already. She should have kept her veil
>on, I presume?

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