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Wed Aug 30 10:13:51 MDT 2000

Hope you do not mind us sending this e-mail. We hope that you find
the content informative and useful and, if so, would you please
forward to as many people as you can from your address book and any
mailing lists you maybe on.

We are attempting to launch the first ever UK left-wing interactive
manifesto with the intention of forging a 'new left' in Britain that
could unite many disparte groups/individuals around common issues.
Once the interactive part is complete we intend to put together an
editorial board and prepare it for publication. So, who are we?

Left Directory is the most comprehensive gateway for left and radical
websites on the Internet. In addition to it left portal function
visitors are kept informed of forthcoming events and the lastest
labour news that is
updated daily.

Visitors can also get a free 'leftdirect' e-mail address which can be
accessed at any time on any computer around the world. Left Directory
also have an active discussion page for those interested in engaging
on political issues. As the site is completely democratic, there are
no restrictions on any topic people wish to discuss.

More recently, Left Directory has added a music feature
titled 'Working Class Hero' that is facilitated by Red Planet
records. Also recently Left Direct has launched the first ever left-
wing interactive manifesto where vistors are invited to write their
contribution which will form part of the final piece which is
intended to be published.

In the near future Left Directory hopes to re-design its pages to
enhance the existing features and add new ones like weekly articles.
In the spirit of the site, Left Direct invites suggestions and
comment from visitors.

So, visit Left Directory at:

You can also e-mail them at:

leftdirect at

All the best and thanks for taking the time to read this e-mail.

Remember, we would greatly apprecaite it if you can distribute the
contents of this e-mail as far and wide as you can through your
address book, mailing lists, web pages, publications, usenet groups
and whatever else. The more people become involved with the manifesto
the more represnetaive and therefore more valid it will be.


Louis Proyect

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