Colombia (and Cardoso)

Nestor Miguel Gorojovsky Gorojovsky at
Thu Aug 31 06:06:36 MDT 2000

En relación a Colombia,
el 31 Aug 00, a las 11:31, Ivonaldo Neres Leite dijo:

>Cliton wants to finish his reign in big style,as the patron of the
>peace. More a humanitarian mission: a help to Colombia. The big
>brother doesn't forget Latin America, no surprise becauseItsays
>always "we are America". Surprise is the silence in countries as

Ivonaldo has put in the correct perspective an issue that is clearly
pointing to a Vietnamization of the Latin American situation. It is
precisely _because_ Clinton and the whole establishment say that
"this is not Viet Nam" that we positively know IT IS. Now, let them
come, let them come and they will be swallowed by Latin America as by
an anaconda!

But what I wanted to comment is that Ivonaldo is not paying enough
attention to the efforts at joint surveillance by Brazil and
Venezuela along the Colombian border. This is not exactly what one
would do, but this is something quite different than "silence".

I want to stress, however, that I understand his impatience and rage
with such a government as that of Cardoso, the despicable son of a
bitch. It is always hard to admit that others can be worse than our
own sons of a bitch, as I was telling some Brazilian friend of mine a
couple of days ago. But Cardoso on this Colombian question (or at
least the military command) is behaving reasonably well, as compared,
say, with Argentina or Peru.

In fact, the consequences of direct USA involvement in tha anti-
Marulanda war (look at the declarations of the chief of the
paramilitary, narcos themselves, to understand where does the whole
thing point to if  you were not convinced as yet) are probably the
ones Ivonaldo is stating here:

>The consequences of this "help" will can be disastrous in the
>region. Sometimes guerilla and army cross the Brazilian frontiers
>entering in the Amazonia, I imagine what can happen in these
>situations with the presence of the big brother. A long time It is
>coveting the Amazonia.

So that I am twice as surprised not to see him perceiving the strong
red thread that links these considerations with the fact that a "well
behaving" country such as Brazil coordinates military work on the
Colombian borders of Amazonia with a "potential rogue state" such as
the Venezuela of Chávez.

Cheer up, Ivonaldo: being an Argentinian, I know it is not the most
comfortable of the positions, but the fact is that yours is the best
positioned country in South America, and thus even repugnant
governments such as that of Cardoso can be better than we would admit
ourselves! Just compare the whole scenario...

A hug,

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
gorojovsky at

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