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Julio Pino jpino at SPAMkent.edu
Thu Aug 31 11:18:09 MDT 2000

Dear Comrade Raju. re Kashmir: What do you mean " a liberal way of life as
it existed till now"? The formation of paramilitary death squads by the
Indian army/police to terrorize the civilian population of Kashmir is
well-documented by human rights organizations who have condemned the
continued human rights abuses in the Kasmir Valley and the lack of progress
in investigating such crimes.
>From the New York Times, January 30, 2000:
..."The gruesome murder of Jalil Andrabi, chairman of the Kashmir
Commission of Jurists, who was abducted by the Indian army last year. His
wife Rifat was with him in the car when the Rashtriya Rifles stopped them on
March 9 near Barzala, about a kilometre away from their home. Despite pleas
from his wife, Andrabi was taken away.

His mutilated body bundled in a burlap bag with a bullet in his forehead
was pulled out of the Jhelum River near Rajbagh in
Srinagar on March 27. His eyes had been gouged out.

The Rashtriya Rifles is a new unit of the Indian army created especially to
deal with the uprising in Kashmir. Its members are
totally ruthless and have orders to shoot-to-kill. This they have done with
great relish.

The 42-year-old Andrabi was about to leave for Geneva to present a report
on the human rights situation in Kashmir. He had
been a vocal critic of the crimes committed by the Indian army. Despite
assurances by then Indian prime minister P V
Narasimha Rao that a thorough investigation would be conducted, nothing has

It is India that has refused to conduct a plebiscite to allow the people of
Kashmir to decide their fate: independence, union with Pakistan, or the
status quo.
Revolutionary Greetings, Julio Cesar

>I  am interested to know your views on the Kashmir issue wherein Pakistan is
>unduly supported by some groups in the West.  Will the Kashmiris have a
>better life under Pak or  a liberal way of life as it existed till now.
>Raju Adimari
>India Reforms Foundation
>New Delhi
>adimari at maiul.com

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