Colombia (and Cardoso)

João Paulo Monteiro jpmonteiro at
Thu Aug 31 15:46:48 MDT 2000

Nestor Miguel Gorojovsky wrote:

> So that I am twice as surprised not to see him perceiving the strong
> red thread that links these considerations with the fact that a "well
> behaving" country such as Brazil coordinates military work on the
> Colombian borders of Amazonia with a "potential rogue state" such as
> the Venezuela of Chávez.

In fact, my daily newspaper entitled its whole article on Clinton's visit
"Brazil declares war on plan Colombia".

But what the article says is that there are 22 thousand brazilian troops
along the colombian border, and more battalions from the South coming in,
for as long as "Plan Colombia" lasts. Then brazilian foreign minister
Lampréia is quoted as saying the plan "represents a threat to the
brazilian territory" but his fears seem to be of infiltrations of
guerrillas and traffickers on the run.

I do hope that the FARC will be able to stand its ground. On my wildest
dreams, I keep remembering that the collapse of Batista's army also
started with a "final" offensive on the Sierra Maestra. But if they are
forced to seek shelter across the border, my guess is they will be asked
to disarm by the brazilians (don't know about the venezuelans).

Brazil is saying, for now, it won't allow the use of it's territory for
the "plan"'s military operations nor was such cooperation asked for.
Let's see how things unfold. It's very hard to know which side of the war
Brazil will ultimately "declare war" to, but I don't trust them in the

João Paulo Monteiro

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