If Mao were alive he'd be spinning in his grave

Nestor Miguel Gorojovsky Gorojovsky at SPAMarnet.com.ar
Thu Aug 31 20:46:36 MDT 2000

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el 31 Aug 00, a las 14:43, ÁÎ×Ó¹â Henry C.K.Liu         ¹ù¤l¥ú dijo:

> It is estimated that WTO accession and the accompanying privatization
> will bring at least 100 milllion unemployment to China.  That is a
> political force that will be heard.  Those of us opposing the shift to
> market economy and WTO trade rules for China are repeatedly faced with
> a TINA argument intellectually from the reformers.  An angry army of
> unemployed will strengthen China's left and provide us with our own
> TINA argument.

I cannot share Henry's optimism here. Iallow for an immense amount of
particularism each time I consider things Chinese (sorry, Henry, mine
are Western eyes, maybe Extreme Western eyes, thus "particularism" is
Chinese not ours!). But it would be to stretch things too much to
imagine that a huge reserve army would have in China the opposite
effect than elsewhere, namely boost militancy. It is my impression
that this kind of situation blunts combativity of workers. Perhaps
Henry has some idea on why this should not be the case in China.

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