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I was just visiting the Washington Post site and couldn't help but giggle at
the "Columbian Opinion Pole" or rather "what the bourgeois in Columbia
in an article that should have been entitled "Why Clinton will Save
Columbia" (and aptly entitled: "Clintons Shows Support in Columbia"). I'm
sure you are well aware of the trip he is going on there with a 1.2 billion
dollar cheque for Pastrana today (actually- just arrived). I thought you
would be interested in this:

Colombian Opinions

With President Clinton heading to Colombia this week, here is a sampling of
recent opinion polls.

Polls were conducted by the National Polling Center, Colombia's leading
private survey organization.

Poll conducted in Aug. 22. Sample size was 826.

Q: Do you know that U.S. President Clinton is about to visit Colombia?

yes 91%

no 9%

Q: Do you consider President Clinton's visit to Colombia positive for the

yes 74%

no 22%

Poll conducted in June. Sample size was 1,600.

Q: Who do you believe has more power right now in Colombia?

Manuel Marulanda,

FARC guerrilla leader 46%

United States 31%

Andres Pastrana,

Colombian president 10%

Carlos Castano,

paramilitary leader 4%

Poll conducted in July for Canal Caracol, Colombian TV. Sample size 1,613.

Q: Which of the following problems is the most serious for the country?


paramilitaries 37%

Unemployment 29%

Corruption 25%

Drug traffic 7%

Q: Do you believe the peace process is on the right track or the wrong

wrong 70%

right 26%

Q: Do you believe U.S. aid could escalate the war?

yes 55%

no 36%

Q: Do you think the economy is on the right track or wrong track?

right 19%

wrong 76%

Note: No response not listed

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