[L-I] Re: dsanet: Re: jhurd_newparty: Why I am voting for David McReynolds

DavidMcR at SPAMaol.com DavidMcR at SPAMaol.com
Wed Aug 30 16:32:42 MDT 2000

Jim is basically right.


In a message dated 8/30/00 9:56:30 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
jhurd at bloomington.in.us writes:


    Perhaps the most interesting feature of the McReynolds campaign
 was how it came about.  David didn't want to run for President, and as I
 recall was of the opinion that the SP shouldn't run a Presidential
 campaign at all--David can correct me if I'm wrong.  That was certainly my

    A number of SP/YPSL members started a draft campaign.  It
 immediately waqs recieved with a great deal of enthusiasm within those
 circles and some intrest in the broader left.   They were right, I was


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