A Persian Requiem

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A Persian Requiem is the first published novel by an Iranian woman and
one of the most widely read novels in Iran. It begins on the eve of
World War II, as two landholder brothers, Yusef and Abol-Ghassem, react
in opposite ways to the British request for their grain harvests.
Through Zari, Yusef's wife, we hear, see, and feel the power struggle
created by each brother's choice. Yusef refuses to sell his grain out
from under the people of his homeland to feed a foreign army.
Abol-Ghassem seeks personal gain through accepting British policies and
their determination to keep Iran's oil out of Hitler's control, and he
tries to persuade his brother to sell. Zari believes she must be the
family peacemaker, a difficult role in these troubled times: "...she
kept thinking about her past, and wondering whether she had always been
a coward or whether she had become one." A Persian Requiem emanates the
heat of the Iranian summer and the longing for the coolness of water.
Here are individual lives in a country caught in an international power
struggle: landowners and their families, servants who hold knowing
tongues, nomadic tribes whose lands are being controlled by outside
forces, and Zari, a woman who must come to understand her role amidst
her family, her country, and the world.


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