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Quite so!  I think that Lou confuses the fact that capitalism in order to
and displace earlier modes of production necessarily had to evolve into
a world system with the notion that it was such a system at its origins.
IMO that was not the case.  While may disagree with Brenner over which
nation capitalism originated in, the fact remains it had to begin through
a nation.  I think that Alan Carling's warning that in such discussions
we must make a distinction between the question of the origins of
capitalism as a mode
of production and the question of its subsequent reproduction - that is
survival and/or expansion in relation to other modes of production - is
most relevant here.  (See Alan Carling, "The Strength of Historical
Materialism:  A Comment,"  Science & Society (Spring 1994),
58:1, 60-72.


CB: However , the altneratives are not necessarily "a nation"  and "a world system"
for the physical locus of the origin of capitalism. Capitalism could originate in
relations of production in England ( lords, peasants and bourgeoisie) and
Portugal-Africa , et al.( slaveowners, slaves, colonialists) BOTH. This is more than
"a" nation and less than a world system.

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