John Mage on Sodomy

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at
Sat Dec 2 23:26:30 MST 2000


>     Yoshie re-publishes John Mage's comments on the origin of Sodomy laws in
>England.  There are some questions I have about this.  First while the law
>may define sodomy at that point it doesn't really account for the variable
>nature of sexual practices from culture to culture.  I believe Mine is
>referring to that in her comments about Pakistan.

It is important to grasp concrete differences between social
formations.  I think that while same-sex practices may be widespread
and to a certain extent tolerated even despite official prohibitions
in Islamic cultures & societies such as Pakistan, I doubt that
homosexual _identities_ are widespread or tolerated in them.

Same-sex desires & activities have always existed throughout history,
but homosexuality as a label for a "category of individuals" is a
modern invention.  As has been noted in this & related threads,
sodomy named acts; homosexuality names a category of individuals.


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