Homosexuality and surplus value

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at SPAMosu.edu
Sun Dec 3 09:35:09 MST 2000


>In a write-up on Butler's article from about a year ago, I suggested that
>the explanation for persecution of gay people might not have anything to do
>with capitalism per se, but rather might be understood as the persistence
>of precapitalist social relations in the capitalist system.

While I agree that Nancy Fraser & Judith Butler are a reformist
dialectical twin to be avoided, you are mistaken if you think that
persecution of gay people should be understood as "the persistence of
precapitalist social relations in the capitalist system."
Pre-capitalist Japan was patriarchal _without_ being homophobic &
heterosexist.  Read, for instance, _Nanshoku Okagami [The Great
Mirror of Male Love]_ (1687) by Ihara Saikaku (1642-1693).  Saikaku
was a best-selling author of his days.  It is only after the Meiji
Restoration & capitalist modernization, especially with the
dissemination of modern "sciences" of sexuality (e.g., psychology,
psychoanalysis, etc.), that Japanese culture & society became
homophobic & heterosexist.

In the pre-capitalist social relations, there were no categories of
identities based upon sexual preferences like "homosexual,"
"heterosexual," & "bisexual."  Capitalist modernity created such
identities & oppressions based upon them.


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