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this is an interesting point. if it is true, it would also explain earlier
forms of sexual repression. I mean the point about controlling disease. the
demographic questions are more historically specific. and now? disease is
still a problem. how does this material fact influence social life? I'm not
sure. if we had safe sex, would the problem be solved?
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> Hi Lou:
> Interesting discussion about homosexuality, sexuality,
> and Marxism.
> I agree that the repression of homsexuality certainly
> predates the rise of capitalism as you expain in a
> long post.
> Also the repression of homosexuality was part of the
> broader repression of sexuality.
> However, I think maybe something important is missing
> in the explanation of the whys of this major social
> seachange in ancient Mediterrranean Europe.
> What about sexually transmitted disease?
> What about uncared for children?
> What marked the Mediterranean world was its rapid
> urbanization - and dense urban populations lead to the
> rapid spread of all easily transmitted diseases.
> They also lead to the dissolution of old kinship
> networks based in the countryside. (i.e. Grandma and
> auntie might not be around to take care of the kid
> while Mom is off - and maybe no one knows who dad is,
> and who cares about the bum.)
> In those days there were no antibiotics.
> But people certainly understood that scratchy enflamed
> genitals might be related to who they wree fucking the
> night before. Especially if they were scratching, too.
> In other words, the repression of sexuality was a very
> simple social survival mechanism under the public
> health conditions prevailiing in the Roman world.
> Anthony
> Louis Proyect
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