Forwarded from Anthony (homosexuality)

Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at
Sun Dec 3 17:48:22 MST 2000


> sure. if we had safe sex, would the problem be solved?

I think thisa approach is an impossibility. If no one did drugs, then we wouldn't have
drug problem either. The point is that supply creates demand as surely as demand
supply when it comes to these "emotional escapes" from the ravages of the societies we
live in. Sex is the same phenomenon, and it is impossible to reduce the supply.
Obviously what is not done under the free market is finding the healthy alternatives
education therof to lessen the risks. The few instances where it does occur (such as at
local clubs here handing out condoms) are done almost purely by "do-gooders" and not
through any official agency; it is like the needle exchange programs without the
safe-fixing sites and (ultimately) an end to prohibition. These decisions will be
effected only in the course of building a socialist society that doesn't need a
scapegoating (and scapegoated) portion of the population. For now, such persecutions
being indifferent to mass deaths from the results of both drug use and sex) are part
parcel of the gel that holds the society together.


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