Were there lesbians or gay men in feudal Europe?

Lou Paulsen wwchi at SPAMenteract.com
Mon Dec 4 07:13:23 MST 2000

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From: Carrol Cox <cbcox at ilstu.edu>
>Lou Paulsen wrote:
>> This question is posed to Yoshie, Phil Ferguson, and everyone else who is
>> defending the proposition that '*homosexuality* and  *homosexuals* did
>> exist prior to industrial capitalism', to quote Phil in a recent post.
>Lou, let's approach the general question with a similar question in a
>realm that does not arouse [:-)] so many distracting complexities. As I
>said in my last post, "Juvenile Delinquent" is a category that came into
>existence during my own lifetime. That is, no one really *thought* about
>youthful crime or misbehavior as a separate social category demanding
>independent attention before the 1940s.  ...  [more about murderers,
breakfasters, teenagers, and other sinister groups]

OK, Carrol, I am taking your post as a vote for positions c1/c2 in the
language of my original post.  But I'm not going to call the election this
early, the polls are still open!  :-)

Lou Paulsen

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