James I of England was not a homosexual

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Philip Ferguson wrote:

> >What seventeenth century commentators commented on was >James' involvement
> >in same-sex activities.  But they never described him as a >homosexual.  It
> >did not exist as a category.

This is not clear to me. I can deduce three possible scenerios from above 1)
James I could not exist as a homosexual _category_, but still being a homosexual
2) James was not a  homosexual, but still involving in same-sex activities 3)17
century commentators might have not commented correctly on James' sexuality. 4)
You don't need to be *labeled* a homosexual to be homosexual (frankly) 5) James
I might have hidden his sexual orientation due to prejudism against

Can you give me an example from 17 century commentators on James I? Who were


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