China against continued sanctions on Iraq

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29 November 2000

China against continued sanctions on Iraq
BEIJING: China has called for an early lifting of UN-imposed sanctions on
Iraq and vowed to enhance all-round cooperation with the largely isolated
Arab nation.
"China is ready to expand cooperation with iraq in the political, cultural,
trade, economic and other areas, Chinese foreign minister Tang Jiaxuan told
visiting Iraqi deputy prime minister Tarik Aziz here on Monday, the state
media reported on Tuesday.
"Any sanction, blockade or strike against another nation is against the
people's will and leads nowhere," he said while pointing out that the
approaches taken by certain western countries to set up "no-fly zones" in
Iraq were in violation of the United Nations charter and norms of
international relations and were in defiance of Iraqi sovereignty.
Air raids (by the US and Britain) against Iraq had caused serious civilian
casualties and massive property losses, and had further deteriorated the
already intense situation, Tang said.
"China strongly condemns such acts," the report said.
During a separate meeting with Aziz, chinese vice premier Qian Qichen said
that the practice to control others was unpopular in the international
"China supports Iraq's efforts in removing sanctions," he said, adding
"Beijing is pleased to see Iraq improving relations with its neighbouring
countries and developing cooperation with the international community."
Qian noted that China, as a permanent member of the UN security council,
would continue to work settling the Iraqi issue in a comprehensive, just and
reasonable way as early as possible.
On Sino-Iraqi relations, Qian said that China had valued its relations with
Iraq, and encouraged Chinese entrepreneurs to participate in the
"oil-for-food" plan of the UN.
"China is ready to explore new ways for expanding trade cooperation with
Iraq," he added.
Aziz informed Qian and Tang of the Iraqi issue and the efforts made by the
Iraqi government to have the sanctions lifted.
He said that the international situation had undergone changes, with Iraq
beginning to restore its role on the global scenario and returning to the
Arabian camp despite continued isolation by the US.
"The US has long been hostile to Iraq and has been trampling on Iraqi
sovereignty and territorial integrity," Aziz said, alleging that Washington
intended to overthrow the government of Iraq instead of trying to solve the
Gulf issue, the official Xinhua news agency reported. (PTI)
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