Were there heterosexuals in pre-capitalist Europe?

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>How does one then explain the cultural variations from various regions of
>the world in homosexual relationships?  Historically they started in

Robert Brenner dealt with this in a unheralded but important article titled
"Sex and the Enclosure Act" in the obscure journal "Sex and Class"
published out of the University of South Brimmington in Wales. I tracked
this down in JSTOR just yesterday. Apparently, when some English farm boys
got horny in the 13th century, they went out into the fields and got it on.
But in the 14th century, due to a combination of fortuitous circumstances


CB: Fortuitous circumstances ? Is that like contingency ?


that also led eventually to the steam engine and Gilbert and Sullivan
operas, most of the land was taken over by agrarian capitalists who shooed
all the randy farm boys into London where they were forced to become
prototypical wage workers. In a remarkable bit of research done by Sir
Anthony Spledgewick-Fefferton, alluded to by Brenner, these very same farm
boys invented the first gay bars in London on Notting Hill Road. One,
called the "Cock of the Roost", is still extant and features karaoke nights
with Barbara Streisand and Pet Shop Boys music.

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