Were there heterosexuals in pre-capitalist Europe?

Louis Proyect lnp3 at SPAMpanix.com
Tue Dec 5 08:26:56 MST 2000

>Robert Brenner dealt with this in a unheralded but important article titled
>"Sex and the Enclosure Act" in the obscure journal "Sex and Class"
>published out of the University of South Brimmington in Wales. I tracked
>this down in JSTOR just yesterday. Apparently, when some English farm boys
>got horny in the 13th century, they went out into the fields and got it on.
>But in the 14th century, due to a combination of fortuitous circumstances
>CB: Fortuitous circumstances ? Is that like contingency ?

Charles, life is filled with mysteries that can not be entirely explained
by historical materialism. My rabbi Gershon Rabinowitz, who introduced me
to the novels of Henry Roth when I was taking lessons for my Bar Mitzvah,
once told me that Marx said "Host du bie mir an avleh!"  (So I made a
mistake. So what!) when challenged on the Asiatic Mode of Production by a
Hindu scholar who knew better. Nu, live and learn.

Louis Proyect
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