Iran wants Russia to build second nuke reactor

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1 December 2000

Iran wants Russia to build second nuke reactor
MOSCOW:Iran has decided to ask Russia to build a second reactor at the
nuclear power plant in Bushehr, offering a contract worth some $1 billion, a
Russian newspaper reported on Thursday.
The business daily Vedomosti quoted Andrei Yedemsky, a spokesman for the
Nuclear Power Ministry, as saying that the Iranian Parliament had decided
that the contract for the second reactor at the plant in southern Iran
should be awarded to Russia.
Russia has already signed a contract for building the first reactor at the
Bushehr power plant by the year 2003 for an estimated $800 million. The
United States has strongly opposed the project for fears the plant would be
used to develop nuclear weapons. Moscow and Tehran both say the plant can be
used only for civilian purposes.
Iran has previously asked Moscow to conduct a feasibility study on building
three more reactors on the same site. Experts say that a contract for the
second reactor would be worth about $1 billion,Vedomosti said.
Yedemsky was unavailable for comment on Thursday and other officials at the
Nuclear Power Ministry refused to comment on the report.(AP)
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